North Korea seems like its been more active recently than Cafe Nova (still bitter about that name choice) at around 12:30 pm. Everyday comes a new threat from the dictator led state by means of rhetoric or unrealistic flexing. This activity, though often seemingly laughable and unfathomable  is still a bit worry some and can leave many with an inch of doubt in their minds. What if they deliver on their threats? Are Kim Jong Un and his posse of elites crazy enough to risk their power and their entire country in a war? Who is to say that they aren’t.

The most recent of these threats comes from a propaganda video created by the North Korean government showing their nuclear missiles targeting and subsequently destroying the state capital. While it is hard to believe that their weapons have the capacity to reach the capital, a stunt like this shows the increasing tension developing between North Korea and U.S allies in the Pacific.

The U.S State and Defense Departments need to move fast to make sure that all bases are protected in the Pacific and that tension in the region is alleviated as much as possible.

Do you think that North Korea will/can deliver on any of their threats? What strategy should the U.S take?