Just days after a video showing Rutgers head coach Mike Rice physically abusing basketball players during practice, he has been let go by the university.  Months ago, this video surfaced and was shown to Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti by former assistant coach Eric Murdock after complaints about Rice’s violent behavior in practice sessions.  The result of that visit? A minor 3 game suspension from the school, no NCAA involvement.  This obviously didn’t deter Rice in the slightest, in fact it probably only made things worse for the athletes.

This video is ridiculous, this should NEVER happen in sports, let alone at this level of competition.  There is a time and place for “tough love” and intense coaching, but calling your players fa**ots and pegging them in the heads with basketballs from point blank range is way too far.  Rice can be seen hitting his players, dragging them by their jerseys to certain spots on the floor and physically abusing any player who didn’t do exactly what he wanted on every play.  The attacks didn’t stop there though, Rice also can be seen screaming at players, using gay slurs and personal attacks on players specific to what would hit home most.  I don’t know how the players put up with this, I know personally, I would have transferred immediately or gotten so fed up where practice would have turned violent if this ever happened to me.

Rice doesn’t even have a track record to back this up, in his time at Rutgers, Rice lead the Scarlet Knights to a record of 44–51 and an abysmal 16–38 in the Big East where Rutgers finished no better than 11th.  In my opinion, Rice should have been fired a long time ago, just for his antics and his lack of winning, but once this got brought to the AD’s attention it should have been over.  Part of the blame here lies with Rutgers and their lack of action when it comes to canning Rice when he should have been.  Don’t be surprised if more Rutgers officials get ousted in the wake of the Rice scandal, some are already calling for Rutgers President Robert Barchi to resign.

What do you guys think? Should Mike Rice ever be allowed to coach again? Should criminal charges be pressed?  Who else at Rutgers should get fired?