People go to college for tons of reasons: to get an education, to get a job…maybe to have a little fun…but the only reason girls go to college certainly can’t just be to land a husband, right? I mean we’ve come a long way since the 1920’s…or have we?

Princeton’s school newspaper published a letter from a past graduate and current Princeton mom Susan Patton that encourages girls at Princeton to find their husbands, and find them early:

“Smart women can’t (shouldn’t) marry men who aren’t at least their intellectual equal,” Patton contends. “As Princeton women, we have almost priced ourselves out of the market. Simply put, there is a very limited population of men who are as smart or smarter than we are. And I say again — you will never again be surrounded by this concentration of men who are worthy of you. Of course, once you graduate, you will meet men who are your intellectual equal — just not that many of them.”

While Patton insists that her advice does not mean that women shouldn’t be career focused, the letter sparked so much debate that the newspaper, The Daily Princetonian, had to shut down its website.

What side of this debate are you on? Was the mom just giving some friendly advice, or is this degrading towards female students?