By Sam Ellison and Katharine Macomber

So we all know that North Korea has been on the offensive for the past few weeks, insisting that it is quite serious about waging war with South Korea and the United States. In particular, it’s the United States’ and South Korea’s military training drills that have been “provoking” the North. Well what has seemed to be just plain rhetoric has recently escalated to physical action. Per a North Korean military spokesperson, a missile has been moved to the country’s east coast with capabilities of reaching the United States or its territories. Many analysts say this is just a bunch of talk, and that the missile actually couldn’t reach the United States and that the North would not actually launch a nuclear weapon, as it would quite literally sign its own death wish.

Nowadays, most super powers and the more powerful nations in the world possess nukes, but nobody is going around bragging about it – the Cold War is over bro… Is the language coming out of North Korea is unprecedented? Absolutely, but this does not mean you should be rushing downstairs to the basement to your secret nuclear cellars. The missiles they are aiming at Austin, Washington D.C. and California wouldn’t reach us anyway and many experts feel that conflict remains unlikely. But, South Korea should probably be on the lookout and the U.S. might want to send someone more formidable on diplomatic relations than Dennis Rodman.

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