Due to increased rates of nostalgia or perhaps lack of fresh ideas, there is a surge of highly anticipated sequels due in theaters in the somewhat near future. Here are a few examples of our generation’s classic films that we can look forward to seeing anew:

“Finding Dory” the sequel to the beloved aquatic animation “Finding Nemo,” is due to come out November 25th, 2015.  As you may have guessed from the title, the film will follow the life of the spacy fish Dory as she sets out on a quest to reunite with her family, who luckily it seems she was able to remember.

“Monsters University” will proceed another old classic of our childhood, “Monsters Inc.” This sequel will actually act as a prequel and take us back 17 years to a time when our monster friends Mike and Sully are gaining they’re BA in scarring.  Monsters University will release this  June 21st.

Finally there is “Anchorman 2,” although I must say that I am a little skeptical.  I have been hearing about a second Anchorman since about a month after I saw the first one back in 2004. But, like Bob Dylan once wrote, “The times they are a changin,” and although Ron Burgandy never heard that song, perhaps it means new beginnings for Ron and the Channel 4 News Team.

Which upcoming sequel are you going to get midnight premier tickets for? Will Nemo touch another butt? Was milk a bad choice?