If you have recently been to Argentina and felt a spontaneous urge of excitement to buy a pet, you may have made a terrible mistake.  That cute little poodle that you named fluffy and pet and hold in your lap everyday for the past week may in fact be a juiced up ferret.  Recently, an Argentinian man who had been visiting Buenos Aires purchased what he thought to be two small white poodles.

Clearly this was not a very observant man, because the realization that he had been duped was not revealed to him until he took his lovable new pets to a veterinarian for basic pet vaccinations.  It must have been a real shock to this unsuspecting man to receive such information.  However, Ferrets are technically pets, so I would be interested to see if this man decided to keep the lemons that life handed him and embrace his super jacked rodents for who they are.

I have so many questions for this man, the vendor, and maybe even the veterinarian.

Wouldn’t the feet and tail be a dead giveaway? How do ferrets keep in shape without steroids? Do ferrets on steroids turn a greater profit than selling actual dogs?