gay marriage

By Sam Ellison

While you may have forgotten about same-sex marriage since it removed itself from the news for the time being, as the Supreme Court has moved on to the next big issue, the debate itself remains relevant.

I don’t know whether it’s Glee or the fact that nowadays, everybody has a gay cousin or friend or colleague, but people are starting to come around to realizing that gay people aren’t so different.  In California, there is record support for same-sex marriage, and the trend is the same across the country.

Even more interesting is the Democratic Caucus of Senators and their interesting timing in choosing to support same-sex marriage.  On March 25 and 26, six Democratic senators changed their minds.

Two weeks ago, when we posted our last article on the topic, there were 10 Democratic senators still opposing the institution, and now, there are three – Senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is not just coincidence.  Undoubtedly, there was some political pandering going on behind closed doors. In fact, many of the senators who announced their support cited that they had long been in favor of same-sex marriage; they were just waiting for the right time – or they were just to cowardly to stand up for the rights of those denied.

Is it good that the Democratic caucus is virtually all in for support of same-sex marriage?  Yes, it is a good thing, as legislation is one of the only ways to spur the necessary change in our society.  But at what cost?  It seems as though these politicians just want to make themselves look good instead of truly being on the side of homosexual rights.

Change takes time, and we all acknowledge that.  Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote extensively about time and how it can work against us as we are still feeling the crippling affects of the post-civil rights era.  But the longer we wait, the longer gay and lesbian couples with have to wait around for their rights.

What do you think about the onslaught of Democratic senators suddenly offering their support for same-sex marriage?  Give us some feedback!