It’s been a good deal of time since the September attacks on the U.S embassy in Benghazi. With this passing of time comes a sense of a fading memory for many citizens of the U.S. This type of thing doesn’t happen twice, after all, so since the time of mourning has passed, let us stick that memory into the deep recesses of our brains. To be remembered, but not to be dwelled on.

That was of course until last Saturday.

That day 25-year old U.S diplomat Anne Smedinghoff along with other citizens were killed when a suicide bomber hit their convoy that was on their way delivering books to a school in Afghanistan’s Zabul province. Smedinghoff, known as a grassroots ambassador, often refused to remain within the safety of U.S bunkers so that she could instead work directly with the Afghan people. Secretary of State John Kerry lamented at her death.

While we don’t often like to be depressing here at PTB. This event should act as a reminder for us to not just pray for our soldiers, but for all U.S citizens and ambassadors overseas who are working to protect and give the U.S a good name in the global community.

What can be done to better protect our diplomats?