But seriously. With the exception of my J.R. Tolkien class, there is no way I could do every single page of reading for every class. With the good gift of spit-balling, pretty much any student can get through a discussion oriented class after reading the back of the book (or less).

But what if teachers KNEW you weren’t doing the reading? While they can probably guess half the time, there is a new program called CourseSmart that will allow teachers to see how much each student read, which parts they highlighted or skipped, and whether or not they even opened their reading. Texas A&M is testing out the program right now and using an “engagement index” to determine if students’ successes have to do with whether or not they did the reading in class.

Thoughts? Too scared to say anything? Or did you just click out of this post to finally open the pdf you were supposed to read for class tomorrow?