In this weeks Ted Talk, linguist John McWhorter discusses the common fallacies about the negative effects of texting on the elegance of formal writing. We have all heard the down talk from our parents, teachers, or finger-wagging past generation scholar about our generations inability to write and communicate because of the new language without vowels, capitalization, or punctuation that we are constantly fingering into our phones. However, Mr. McWhorter argues that these accusations about the poor sentence structure and grammar of the youthful population have been raging since before there were cell phones, computers, or any other gadgets that could be deemed as brain frying devices. So next time someone blames your terrible writing on texting, retort with “Excuse me sir, but I am expanding my linguistic repertoire!” and see if that gets them to show you some respect (or at least lol).

What are your thoughts on McWhorter’s argument? Is deficiency in writing ability more apparent in our generation or is it an issue that has been, and always will be considered a problem? Do you feel texting effects your writing?