News has surfaced recently that evidence has arisen that connects chemical weapons usage to the Syrian Civil War. It is still unclear as to whether the government or the rebels have been using them, but evidence points to the former. We still aren’t even sure how or where the chemical weapons were used, but the international community evidently is pretty convinced that international crime has been committed. It has even gotten to the point where Turkey is testing the blood samples of Syrian casualties that have been brought over the border. 

Of course, we’ve heard this before. We all remember when the international community, led by the U.S, rushed into Iraq as U.N officials tried to sniff out radioactive material in the wake of 9/11. This, in all fairness, is a different situation. However, it remains to be seen how President Obama and the U.S will proceed here. There is still a brutally violent civil war occurring, so that must be taken into account. Evidence of WMD’s needs to be concrete and clear, otherwise the U.S risks wasting time, and more importantly lives.

Should the U.S lead the investigation into Syria? Should we go in now? later? not at all?