That’s right Pittsburgh Pirates fans, it’s time to celebrate!!! Pop the champagne, let the confetti rain down all over PNC Park!!! You guys did it! Well maybe not the “it” you are thinking about but for once, you are slightly above mediocre!!!!!!

For the first time in 21 years, the Pittsburgh Pirates will finish the MLB season with a winning record. You read that correctly, this is the FIRST time in 21 YEARS that the Pirates have won more games than they have lost.  Breaking that streak (the longest of its kind) had the city celebrating like it was 1992.

As part of the celebration, let’s take a look back to what was happening the last time the Pirates won their 81st game in a season.

The date, September 9, 1992:

The starting pitcher of the 2013 Pirates’ 81st game, Garrit Cole, was 2 years old
#1 song? End Of The Road by the infamous Boyz II Men. The first song I recognized from the list was Jump Around at #9!
#1 Movie? Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino (followed closely by the Mighty Ducks)
The TV hit show Friends was 2 years away from its debut
The first text message was still a few months away from ever being sent

Not to mention, none of the writers of this blog had celebrated their 1st birthday

Since that time, a lot has happened. We’ve had 3 different Presidents serve over 6 terms, Apple took over the world with the iPhone, we’ve been pushed to the brink of multiple wars, we’ve had the economy boom and bust multiple times. But during all those years, one thing remained constant, the Pittsburgh Pirates just couldn’t get to 81.

But it’s not 1992 anymore, its 2013 and the Pirates look great.  Who knows, maybe they have a shot of going from below .500 to World Series Champs in just 12 short months.  All kidding aside, congratulations to the Pirates. Enjoy it, embrace it, and good luck in your first October of this century.