New York Fashion Week recently wrapped up its whirlwind of style and glamour, but amidst the beautiful models and glitzy photographs, there were some questionable spring 2014 trends that paraded down designers’ catwalks.

Here’s a quick slide show to wrap up 5 of Spring’s most questionable fashion trends:

1. Birkenstocks are back and can be seen worn with florals, ephemeral dresses, and even socks.

2. If you thought crop tops were a fleeting trend, better think twice. Hop on that elliptical and start doing those crunches because these babies are here to stay.

3. Culottes. When was the last time ANYONE wore these? Oh right, no one since the sans-culottes of French Revolution fame.

4. Logomania saw its fame on both new and more established designers, but this isn’t your average A&F or Tory Burch-esque logos. These are graphic, bold, and usually black and white.

5. Greasy Hair. Come spring, anyone running late for class should rejoice because if the runways are any indication of beauty trends, greasy hair is completely fashionable!

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