On Sunday, September 15th Nina Davuluri (Miss New York) was crowned Miss America. This led to outrage from many, who, in a not so shocking twist, turned to post their highly insightful comments on social media. Many of the comments where aggregated in a Buzzfeed article; a favorite being those claiming that an “Arab” won Miss America. Apparently some failed to notice that Miss New York actually has Indian heritage.

However, instead of giving even more attention to the negative comments, a Washington post article uses this as an opportunity to comment on a recent trend in news to focus on social media’s negative reaction to an event, rather than on the event itself. The article even identified a formula: “[Person of X Background] does [Remarkable Thing], People On Twitter Are Jerks About it.” This methodology quickly bypasses the success of the person, turning its full attention to the reaction of those who find the need to vocalize each and every thought that pops into their head.

The article accurately points out that the negative reactions of close minded people aren’t a new phenomenon, they have surely been happening for years. What has changed is the creation of outlets like Twitter which allow people to easily share these hateful comments on a very large, and very public scale. The news needs to get away from letting the comments become the story. The story is the story.

And after all, who are we to decide that this

is more American than this

Especially when we have deported this out of the country.


What do you think of the trend of news to focus on the “comments” rather than the story? Do you think focus on the “comments” is newsworthy? How do you feel about the selection of Miss America?