With a rising number of recent deaths attributed to the consumption of what is assumed to be Molly, the popular rave drug is garnishing more buzz than ever. For those who aren’t familiar, “Molly” is supposed to be a pure form of MDMA (used to make ecstasy). However, as its popularity has grown, many drug dealers have begun cutting the drug with bath salts, which are much cheaper, to increase their profit margin. The danger in this is that a person taking the drug doesn’t know what he/she is putting in their body, and a mix of unknown substances and varying doses can easily lead to death, as we have seen in recent months.

This has led to a rise in the acknowledgment of groups like DanceSafe, which is a controversial non-profit, drug education organization. DanceSafe has been approached by the organizers of the EDM festival TomorrowWorld to educate concert goers. They provide information on how to stay safe while using and how to test substances to make sure you are taking what you think you are. As you can imagine, this is an extremely controversial practice as it goes against America’s favorite drug slogan: “Just Say No”. By having DanceSafe at the event, the organizers are acknowledging and, to some, implicitly supporting drug use at EDM festivals.

The argument for DrugSafe is that, clearly as the past months have shown, concert goers are using these substances; many being inexperienced college students. They are not saying no and, in some cases due to their lack of knowledge, are dying as a result. While “just saying no” is a fail-safe way to avoid the danger of drug usage, providing education and testing at concerts where usage of these drugs is popular would unquestionably reduce the danger of the drug and lessen the likelihood of death. However the question remains as to whether this would be outweighed by the implicit encouragement of drug usage.

Do you think DanceSafe is promoting safety or just encouraging drug use? Do you think “Just Say No” is still an effective stance on drug usage? What do you think is an alternative way to prevent deaths and injuries from drug usage, especially for concert goers?