Yet again, the Ghost of Early 2013 Past has come to visit. This time, we harken back to the IRS scandal from back in the Spring, and a person who was right at the forefront of the whole investigation, Lois Lerner. Lerner, a top IRS official at the heart of the scandal involving the targeting of conservative political groups, is resigning. She originally testified in front of Congressional committees back in May, and you may recall the controversy over whether or not Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment right, since she had claimed at the outset of the hearing that she would plead the Fifth.

Fast forward to today, the investigation is ongoing, and although Lerner’s resignation may imply some sort of involvement on her part, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is still quite interested in understanding what exactly took place in the IRS during the scandal. So good riddance, Ms. Lerner, you will be sorely missed…but the feds are still gonna be looking into what you may have overseen even after you’re gone!

Click here for a full summary. Do you think Lerner’s resignation will work against her throughout the investigation?