As autumn reaches its October prime and people are looking to distract themselves from a potential government shutdown, people turn to fall activities like pumpkin carving and apple picking. I’m sorry, for that last one I meant to say Apple © picking. Yikes, yes, that joke was for real. Luckily the jokes are over but the serious sales of Apple products are far from it. Opening weekend sales of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hit a new record of 9 million and over 200 million iProduct owners updated to the new iOS 7. While some critics of Apple said creativity and innovation left the company along with the ghost of Steve Jobs, customers and sales are whistling a different tune. Here’s a rundown of the new ish:

iOS 7: This software update is available for all current iPhone and iPad owners. It’s just an option, and despite the complaints of motion sickness from it, many have stomached their issues and downloaded the newer, more layered software that comes with the praised iTunes Radio. I haven’t done it yet…but my friends who have seem into it. Are you?

iPhone 5s: It’s sold out as of a week of its premiere, and the demand for it has yet to falter. What’s so special about it? It has a finger print scanner and a better camera…is this what you had in mind for the newest item?

iPhone 5c: A less expensive iPhone with a colored, plastic back. Again…is this enough of an update to be impressed?

Have you made the downloads? Have you saved up for the newest purchases? What do you think Apple will come up with next?