Updates on the Middle Eastern conflicts have been dominating PtB’s World Relations section for the better part of a year now. So why stop now?

Nobody needs a reminder of how tense of a situation the Middle East currently finds itself in. A powder keg may be the most apt, and overused, metaphor for the region. So in a time when President Obama and other diplomats are working like a bomb squad to diffuse any chance of widespread warfare and chaos that could tear the Middle East further apart, you would think that the U.S’ greatest ally would stand alongside and play along. However, it seems time and time again that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is intent on cutting the fuse shorter and shorter with his rhetoric. Always about fears of Iran’s nuclear weapons program and always very aggressive, Netanyahu continued this talk recently.

Netanyahu met with President Obama and addressed the U.N on September 30th. In his speeches, he continued to harp on “Israel’s right to defend itself” and the fact that “If Israel must stand alone, that [they] will stand alone”. Not to mention the fact that Netanyahu called Iran’s new leader “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. While this type of rhetoric may be warranted, the question remains: does Israel see any sort of alternative to proactive action?

Is Netanyahu in the right here or is his strategy dangerous? How should Obama respond to this rhetoric?