It’s finally here. What we’ve all been waiting for. Brooks Brothers is opening a steak house. Wait, no one was waiting for that to happen? Sorry… my bad.

The reputable retailer of suits and ties has recently confirmed that they are planning on opening up a steakhouse called Makers and Merchants, named after their slogan, in the Summer of 2014. They are planning on using a three story space they own in Manhattan right around the corner from their flagship store. However this isn’t the only thing they are close too. The restaurant will also be only a block away from Tommy Bahama’s recently opened New York restaurant and within a 10 block radius of a variety of other established steakhouses including Morton’s, Benjamin Steak, Sparks, Michael Jordan’s, the original Palm and Palm Too, the original Smith & Wollensky and Capital Grille.

This is coming at a time where many firms are beginning to cross industry lines in search other sources of profit. Urban Outfitter’s is reportedly teaming up with famed LA chef Ilan Hall to open a restaurant within their massive flagship store in New York as well. In addition, the lensless glasses and ironic American flag print specialty store has proposed to build a massive shopping village in Philadelphia which will include a hotel, restaurants, spa, fitness center, and much more. At a time where non-essential products like high end suits and expensive hipster trends are just not in most consumers budgets, these firms are attempting to branch out and find new sources of revenue to please shareholders and remain afloat.

The question remains, do you want a steak with the prim and pristine cut of a Brooks Brother’s suit, or a garden soup that has the ironic look you crave? Either way, they are coming to a location near you.