You know that moment when you catch someone staring at you, and you call them out for it? Well on Monday, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff did just that: she demanded an explanation of why Canada was caught spying on the country’s Mines and Energy Ministry. She also called for the United States and its allies to stop cyber spying on Brazil. The report is based on certain documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden, the former U.S. National Security Agency contractor who is currently in Russia under temporary asylum. Brazil is touting the spy effort as an act of industrial espionage and an attempt for Canada to get an unfair advantage in Brazil’s untapped oil and mineral supply. Rousseff, canceled her visit to the White House as a result of these reports.

Now to the point….who cares? In this age of an increased terrorist threat, don’t all countries spy on each other with hopes of protecting their borders? So some of these countries got caught, and what threat has Brazil issued back?

Rousseff tweeted that “The United States and its allies must immediately stop their spying activity once and for all.”

It’s almost as if we can imagine a pause and then an “or else” at the end of the tweet. To which President Obama would retweet and respond with “or else what?”

Do you think that this type of spying is wrong and unordinary? Do you believe that there are serious matter of invasion of privacy here? Or is this just all business as usual?