Ex-governor Eliot Spitzer’s has some history with New York, but comptroller candidate Scott Stringer is making moves to take the city into his own hands. To garner broader political support, Stringer’s campaign team selected political ingénue Audrey Gelman to be his spokeswoman.


In true millennial fashion, Gelman has been using social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram to formulate an image for Stringer as a down-to-earth, father-figure that New York City needs and wants. His focus is on women, technology, and the middle class, and Gelman is endorsing that perspective with panache. Judging by Stringer’s success at last month’s primary, we’d say she’s not only doing a good job, but she’s doing it in style.

Photographs of her show her sporting Dior shifts and Jill Sander blouses, but don’t mistake her for a clotheshorse who’s only using her beauty and charm to promote Stringer’s campaign. She has serious political savvy that can’t be denied, with a resumé that boasts a political science degree from New York University to contributions to the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign.

It’s interesting to see how Gelman is succeeding in broadening interest in city politics via unique, more novel methods that reach out to fellow millennials. It’s a wonder why more politicians haven’t adopted a similar technique, considering all the time young twenty and thirty-somethings spend hours connected to their electronics.

So what do you think of politicians leveraging technology in campaigns? Do you think Gelman’s fashionable and edgy approach to politics can be applied elsewhere?