A high-speed motorcycle chase ended in a violent assault on a family’s SUV on September 29 on the West Side Highway in New York. After Alexian Lien, the driver of the Range Rover, clipped the back of a biker’s tire that was trying to slow him down, the massive gang of bikers swarmed and assaulted the vehicle.

The bikers were taking part in an unauthorized daredevil rally dubbed “Hollywood Stuntz.”

Christopher Cruz, the biker who tried to slow down the SUV, was charged with reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment. Lien was forced to halt by the other bikers, some of whom smashed through the windows of the Range Rover with their helmets and slashed the tires. Lien speeded off, running down a rider, Edwin “Jay” Mieses, who suffered serious injuries. After a 50-block chase, Lien was pulled from the vehicle and assaulted in front of his wife and toddler.

Four bikers have since been charged with gang assault and assault, among other charges.

The entire incident was caught on camera by one of the other bikers. This just goes to show how much of an impact our everyday technology has on the media and cases such as this.

Do you think this case would be just as high-profile if the biker hadn’t caught it on camera?