Whether you spent a week in break trip land playing hot seat and putting up trees for Habitat for Humanity or sat on your couch for 7 straight days while your mom cooked the first hot food you had all semester, fall break is OVER. Yes, mmm, soak it in. Chances are you may have been out of the news loop, so here’s a catch up of what happened over break to ease your mind back into the world of homework, classes, schedules and reality.

1. Hopefully you saved all the national monument site seeing for the end of fall break, because the government has reopened!! As of late Wednesday night, Congress passed the budget bill and raised the debt limit.  The 16-day government closure was spurred by hardline Republicans hoping to delay or defund Obamacare.

2. Speaking of Obamacare, Barry’s new site has been getting criticism for the glitches that prevent people from applying for federally funded care. He plans to address the technical difficulties on Monday.

3. With all the issues happening in the comfort of our very own Congress, it’s important we pop the global bubble and see where else ish is hitting the fan. Syrians cannot get a break, even outside of their country borders. Many people have fled to Turkey, but they have not escaped harassment from extreme Islamist groups there. Syrians account multiple stories about experiencing similar hostility from the same groups they ran away from. A month from now, November 23, peace talks are scheduled to begin to resolve these grave issues plaguing many in Syria.

How do you think the government shutdown is going to affect future policy making this year in Congress? Will website glitches affect the number of people who apply for Obamacare? What do you think the United States’ role in Syria should ideally be?