“Imagine you are in a taxi and the driver suddenly turns violently and speeds towards a wall, [tires] screeching, only to stop at the very last moment, inches from the bricks—and cheerfully informs you that he wants to do the same to you in three months’ time. Would you be grateful that he has not killed you? Or would you wonder why you chose his cab in the first place?”

In a recent article from The Economist, this is the metaphor they use to describe how Congress has “solved” the approaching debt ceiling to end the government shutdown. The article cites how, ironically, after criticizing the EU on their failure to accurately handle the Euro Crisis, the American government has matched, and even surpassed the EU on incompetence on the problem.

First, by kicking the problem just a few months down the road, the American Government has followed suit with Europe in not solving, but merely prolonging the problem inevitably coming to a head. But then, worse than Europe, they are not even open to discussing potential solutions to the long-term, massive debt problem facing America. The article explains the heart of the problem very simply; America spends like a large government, yet taxes like a small one. However Republicans refuse to discuss increases in taxation and the Democrats refuse to discuss reductions in government spending. Without even allowing for a dialogue to fix our problem, the “solution” reached to the end of the government shutdown is not a solution at all, but merely setting a date for the problem to climax again.

Regardless of your political allegiance, there is no question that both parties need to enter into a discussion to solve the problem, not merely pushing our fate farther back and allowing the problem to get even worse over time.

What do you think about the “solution” to the shutdown? How do you propose the government moves forward?