So I have this friend who told his girlfriend that he was going to watch football with some of his friends. He noticed that she wasn’t happy, so he asked what was wrong.

“You didn’t ask me if I wanted to come watch with you!”

“I figured you wouldn’t want to. Do you want to come watch football with me?”

“No. I hate football.”

Someone may want to check the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for bi-polar disorder, or for crazy girlfriend syndrome.

On the 18th of this month, the kingdom officially denied an offer to take a two year rotating position on the U.N Security Council. This came as a shock to everyone seeing as in the months, and even hours, before there election, Saudi Arabia was doing nothing but pushing hard to be elected for the honor. Their reason?:

Accordingly, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on its historical responsibilities towards its people, Arab and Islamic nations as well as towards the peoples aspiring for peace and stability all over the world, announces its apology for not accepting membership of the Security Council until the council is reformed and enabled, effectively and practically, to carry out its duties and responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security.

Saudi Arabia has been publicly critical of the U.S when it comes to the deteriorating relationship between the two counties, its delayed push to retaliate against Assad in Syria, and the appearance of a soft form of diplomacy when it comes to Iran.

Obviously, a country has the right to its own opinions. But when a country is extremely critical of an institution (the U.N) for not being able to solve a problem (peace in the Middle East), wouldn’t that country jump at the opportunity to be a direct part of the solution?

The Economist does a great job of outlining some potential reasons towards the end of this article. 

Why do you think Saudi Arabia refused this position? How should the U.S react? Do you know someone with crazy girlfriend syndrome?