October is arguably the spookiest month of the year with Halloween festivities, haunted attractions, and horror movies abound. FX rolled out its newest installment of American Horror Story a few weeks ago, just in time to creep you out for the season. If you’re anything like me, your eyes have been glued to the TV. Season one will always be my fave though…remember this?

If you’ve ever wanted to actually live in a haunted abode, you’re in luck – there’s a website for that! For the small price of $11.99, DiedInHouse.com will tell you if anyone has departed from this life in your home.

If you think someone would have to be insane to actually want to live in a haunted house, you’d be surprised! Realtor.com’s 2013 Haunted Housing Report found that 26 percent of the 1,400 people they surveyed would consider buying a house with supernatural residents.

Is this nuts, or are you going to plug in your home’s address to see if you had roommates you didn’t know about? Hey, the more guests at a Halloween party the better, right?