If you’ve never played the original, 8-bit Super Mario Bros then your childhood was a sham. If you have played it though, you know exactly what game I’m talking about. The music, the cartoonish graphics, the 32 levels required to save Princess Peach from the sinister Bowser; in my opinion, Super Mario Bros can’t be touched as the best video game of all time.

AND NOW IT’S BACK. Full Screen Mario is the brainchild of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute junior Josh Goldberg, who recreated the game brick by brick on the internet for anyone to play! And EVERYONE is playing it – the site has crashed because so many people are visiting it. Goldberg told the Washington Post’s Timothy B. Lee that Full Screen Mario is getting 300,000 unique visitors a day.

Full Screen Mario includes every level from the individual game, plus millions of user-generated levels. You can even design your own, mushroom by mushroom!

As amazing as this is, Nintendo is seeking the removal of the site, saying that Goldberg infringed on their copyrights. While Nintendo would have a strong case in court, this Washington Post article laments that the United States’ copyright laws “impoverish our gaming culture.” So instead of making a Minecraft-esque gaming community around Mario, this site will probably be lost.

So play while you can, and you’re welcome for not handing over the keys to the (mushroom) kingdom during midterms week!