1. This might not be the most hard-hitting news PTB has ever thrown out there, but in the theme of ketchup, McDonald’s and Heinz have ended their 40-year relationship. Neither company has commented on exactly the “whys” of the split, but speculation claims it could have something to do with Burger King’s former CEO, Bernardo Hees, becoming the CEO of Heinz.

2. The NSA leaks started by whistleblower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden last summer are far from over. It was recently ¬†discovered that NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after U.S. officials handed over their contacts. This unwanted (and seemingly unwarranted) tapping of global leaders’ mobile phones and personal contact accounts has breached the trust, not only between the U.S. and our ally countries, but also the ice thin trust U.S. citizens have in the NSA’s activities.

3. In an Oklahoma detention center, four inmates pulled a Shawshank Redemption-esque escape through the pipes of their showers. Two of the inmates are back in custody now, and the two at large leave local people of Oklahoma wondering how the detention center could have called itself “escape-proof”.

4. Today Penn State revealed they will be paying almost $60 million to the 26 Sandusky victims. After a year of negotiations, the university settled on this amount as a monetary restitution to the victims of sexual assault. Though it is just money, it is a start. Penn State has been determined to compensate Sandusky’s victims since his arrest in June of 2012, and they will be reviewing six more charges after settling these 26.

5. Doctor turned inmate turned singer? Not the typical change in life path of many 60-year-old men, but then again, not many men were Michael Jackson’s doctor. Conrad Murray, King of Pop’s doctor accused of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years of prison time, was released two years short of his sentence. MJ’s mom is convinced Dr. Murray killed Michael with an overdose of medicine and she hopes he never practices medicine again. His body guard told reporters he is planning to pursue a career in singing though, so I guess we’ll find out if this keeps him in the public eye.

6. On October 29 of last year, Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast of the United States, devastating many areas including NYC and parts of New Jersey. The hurricane caused 100 fatalities and billions of dollars of damage. This week marks its anniversary and includes many events to commemorate the people whose lives were lost and those who lost their homes and loved ones. Ellis Island opens today for the first time since the storm, “I Love New York” Metrocards will be distributed tomorrow in the Big Apple, and architects have taken the storm in consideration when building homes alongside the Atlantic Ocean. The memories of those lost in the storm will be honored in vigil ceremonies and the hope for full recovery will continue to be celebrated this week.