So, in a new #FirstWorldProblems development, restaurants are beginning to substitute iPad’s for paper menus. That’s right, next time you’re out to dinner and ask to see the wine menu, instead of the classic list of options you can receive your tables very own iPad that not only lists the wines, but their origin, creation story, climate origination, and far more information.

As a response to this change, app developers have begun the rush to see which app will be the favorite of restaurants. To do this, they have begun to add more than just detailed menus but even services such as being able to request a waiter’s attention and even order directly from the tablet in some cases. In this way customers can get immediate service and restaurants can maximize the customer experience.

In addition, the implementation of tablets can have a great impact on restaurant owners because they can provide customers much more information and pictures on each food item. It also allows them to have the ability to make changes and updates to a menu much more effectively and timely, allowing them to create a more diversified and customized menu. In addition, owners have seen an increase in sales as customers begin to learn and understand more about various courses offered leading to a wider variety of orders.

One of the problems restaurants are encountering however is thefts. Obviously have a large amount of expensive iPad’s sitting around as freely as menus lay around draws a lot of potential thieves. Moral of the story, if you’re looking for a free iPad….

Would you be excited to use an iPad instead of the classic paper menu? Do you think it’s an unnecessary improvement? Do you think the cost of the iPad’s is matched by the added benefits?