Halloweekend. Or Halloweek? You may have fallen into a dark hole of dance floor make-outs with Miley Cyrus look-a-likes or eaten so much candy you’re in a food coma. Either way, we need to catch you up on some news. Relish the fact that you’ve mustard the strength to get here. Ya I hate me, too.

1. On Friday, November 1 shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia went on a shooting spree in the Los Angeles International Airport killing one TSA officer. The anti-government, anti-TSA 23-year-old wounded two other TSA officers and one teacher and was shot down by L.A. police. A note found in his pocket revealed these suspected motives. He is currently sedated and under armed guard right now.

2. NSA (National Security Agency) was caught spying on our allies and is losing friends left and right. After the fact the U.S. claimed France and Spain aided the spying, moving the spotlight to them. Is this just the blame game or is everyone guilty?

3. Obamacare’s website is still producing more errors than healthcare. People were concerned hackers could access private informaton, but CNN says that can’t be true. Didnt’ people also say the website would be fixed by now? 

4. Any thoughts on whether or not the 2 news pieces aforementioned has anything to do with the WSJ/NBC poll of Obama’s job approval rating being at an all time low? Just 41% of the poll approve of Obama’s job while 51% disapprove of his work. WSJ says, “A majority of Americans said they belonged to neither party—a rarity in decades of Journal/NBC polling— […]. Optimism about the U.S. system of government, at 30%, was at the lowest ebb in 40 years.”

5. Saudi Arabian women took to the streets in a social revolt by getting behind the wheel of Saudi culture in their cars. A place where women are not allowed to have Saudi licenses, women and men are stepping up for this inequity and video taping women all around the country driving. How will this end? Hopefully in a peaceful exchange of allowing women the freedom of mobility, but with a woman arrested for driving her sick father to the hospital we will have to wait and see.

6. Syria has disabled their chemical weapons production according to weapon inspectors. While the cooperation is impressive, there is still some room for question as to whether or not everything is destroyed, but it is a significant step.

7. With the good news rolling, there is especially good news for the 6th of Nova from Boston (or people an hour away from any city in Mass who claim to be from Boston): RED SOX victory! I can’t pretend like I knew anything about it before I saw pictures from the post-games on Instagram, but their win made them the first team since 2000 to win 3 World Series. #sports