Congratulations, New Jerseyans, Mr. Christie is back for another term! The New York Times confirmed on November 6 that Christie won by a “crushing margin” over opponent Barbara Buono. Once again, this predominantly “blue state” elects the ever-outspoken, straight-shooting Christie. Well done, New Jersey, well done.

So what does this have to do for Christie’s possible bid for the White House a few years down the line? Well back in the 2012 Presidential election (rest in peace, Romney Campaign), Christie’s presence here and there through speech giving and campaigning were popular among Republicans and moderates alike. He adds a dimension of sass, attitude and straight-talk which is almost unparalleled by any of his colleagues in the GOP. Definitely not your typical politician, but hey, why not give it a shot. Given the great political schisms of the day and the GOP facing a quasi-identity crisis (as some may say) maybe Christie is exactly what the Republicans will need in 2016. Any Republican of the caliber of Christie who can win a gubernatorial race in a blue state should be immediately attractive to the GOP. And the party has one right there, in the state of New Jersey.

He may not be the ultra-conservative apple of a Tea Partyer’s eye, but Christie may have just the right balance to win over most of the Republican base and many moderates as well. Let’s face it, the GOP has a long road of damage control ahead of it if it wants to save the nation from eight years of the Obamanation and it would really be an advantage to have a Republican back in the White House to assist in redirecting the ill policies of late. Let’s see how this one unfolds, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Christie might start making some timely appearances in the swing states in the coming months and years.

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