Getting your phone wet can be a DISASTER. Unfortunately I know this from first hand experience: I dropped my phone in a toilet once in high school. Being just as, if not more, addicted to technology as almost everyone is nowadays, I left school immediately to get a replacement. If only I’d known about this crazy product that just recently hit shelves in the U.S. of A.

NeverWet, by Ross Nanotechnology, somehow creates a barrier between your belongings and liquid. And if you frequently put green food coloring in your water, this stuff makes it look a lot like Flubber, so that’s a plus!

This stuff seems great, but we at PtB have a few questions before we give it a try:

1. How quickly will this give us cancer?
2. If you accidentally get it on your hands, can you wash it off, or will you be NeverWet forever?

(Just to be clear, one PtB blogger said that he is so accident-prone that he cared about none of the above concerns – the risk of pouring a beer on his phone at Kelly’s is just too great.)

So what do you think? Are you going to give this a try, or does it freak you out?