A bundle of my friends have job interviews this week, and what better way to look like an engaged citizen of Earth/adequately well-informed future employee of *insert whatever company your heart desires* than to catch up on everything that’s been happening outside of our bubble?!

  1. This first one is big and scary and as a blogger with a Filipina immigrant for a mother, please send some thoughts out for her family! On Friday, Typhoon Haiyan swept across the Philippines completely destroying the seaside city of Tacloban and damaging several other islands. The unconfirmed estimation of the death toll is 10,000. One of the strongest typhoons ever recorded in history, Haiyan destroyed an estimated 80percent of what was in its path. This level of destruction is assumed to affect the economy and nation of the Philippines for quite some time. Their president has recently declared a “state of national calamity”.
  2. If you haven’t heard of teenage activist Malala Yousafzai or her book “I Am Malala”, catch yourself up with her clip from the Daily Show. When the Taliban shot Malala in the head last year in Pakistan for her critiques of the group’s interpretation of Islam which limits girls’ access to education, her cause shone in an international spotlight. While her memoir would seem to be an inspiration for girls and education, private schools in Pakistan have banned her book because “she is representing the West” and her book is “offensive to Islam”.
  3. While this year’s Election Day was not decked out with “Rock the Vote” or anything on campus, it still happened. And some big things happened. Illinois legalized same-sex marriage making it the fifteenth state to legalize it after New Jersey became the 14th just 20ish days ago.
  4. Speaking of New Jersey with Election Day news, incumbent and potential future president candidate Governor Chris Christie won with a 60 percent vote sweeping his Democrat counterpart away. The other notable victory was Democrat and new Governor Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, a swing state.
  5. On Thursday Senate voted to approve the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a remarkable civil right feat for the LGBT community and for general freedom and equality in the country. It is now illegal to discriminate LGBT in the workplace which seems like it’s been a long time coming.
  6. Usually bullying is left to the playground, but one case has reached a more advanced kind of turf. Miami Dolphins’ player Richie Incognito is being investigated by the NFL for harassing teammate Jonathan Martin with racist and threatening voicemails among other things. Incognito is currently and indefinitely suspended, and Martin is likely done with the Dolphins.
  7. Twitter’s IPO, or initial public offering, opened on Nov. 7 this week. Their stock started out at $26 a share, avoiding Facebook’s IPO error of over-pricing, but that doesn’t mean it was entirely a success because they dodged Facebook’s mistakes. “The next morning, Twitter’s stock opened at $45.10, peaked at $50.09 a share, and closed at $44.90, slightly below the opening price,” according to Forbes. They say this initial under-pricing will lead to long term underperformance, but Twitter and the web say the initial investors are laughing all the way to the bank. We’ll have to #waitandsee how things go.

Have a good week and keep poppin’ bubbles!