This weekend felt like it went by in all of 2 seconds. With papers on papers due this week for some odd reason, here’s your catch up in case you don’t have time to leave Falvey/Bartley.

1. There has been much fluctuation in the estimated death numbers resulting from the typhoon in the Philippines. From 10,000 to 2,000,  the U.N. puts the latest death toll in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines at 4,460, and around 12,000 people are injured. The damage to people’s homes and towns is significant, and international aid has just started trickling in.

2. It is “quite possible” that Iran will reach a nuclear deal sometime from November 20-22 when leaders meet in Geneva. An article from the New York Times sums up “Western diplomats hope to complete an accord then that would halt Iran’s nuclear efforts for six months while negotiators pursue a more comprehensive agreement that would ensure that Tehran’s program is solely for civilian purposes. Iran insists that its nuclear program is entirely peaceful, but many experts believe it is intended to provide the country with the capability to develop nuclear weapons.”

3. Snapchat rejected Facebook’s offer of $3 billion in cash money, one of several offers thrown their way including “an investment from China’s Tencent Holdings that would value the start-up at $4 billion”. I’m just saying 23-year-old CEO Evan Spiegel is SINGLE and ready to MINGLE. JK I don’t know enough/anything about his personal life but shoot me a snap if you know what’s up.

4. NASA is launching MAVEN, or the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, tomorrow morning at 11 A.M. It’ll orbit Mars for 10 months and try to uncover how Mars went from a wet, life-bearing planet (s/o Planet Earth) to the cold, dry place it is now. They’re speculating it underwent a major climate change…second s/o Planet Earth…

5. I’m so sick of hearing about Obamacare, but my insurance hasn’t gone through so I can’t afford to be sick of it…lol jk I’m on my parents’ insurance until I’m 26 with the ACA, right? But seriously, what’s going on with Obamacare is a lot to digest. Obama is asking that insurance companies grant one-year extensions for cancelled insurance plans, and CBS says  “in the next week, millions of people who received cancellation notices of their health care insurance may be getting another letter in the mail, this time a way to extend coverage that was canceled,” but it’s a logistical nightmare for the companies. People without insurance will still have to apply via, and the deadline for the notoriously flawed website’s fix is 2 weeks.