Bill De Blasio Campaigns For New York City Mayor

I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news, a demagogue, or a fear monger, but the rise of the new new left may be approaching…and quickly at that. That’s right folks, there’s reason to believe that an ideological shift is commencing in this country, which could “upend three decades of American political thinking,” according to Peter Beinart’s “The Rise of the New New Left” in The Daily Beast. This realization has hit many particularly following the win of ultra-liberal Bill DeBlasio in the New York City mayoral race.

What’s Beinart getting at here? Essentially, over the past 20 years, especially during the Clinton administration, Democrats had generally “accepted the world which Reagan had created” and tried to move on with their policies within the confines of that world. Each generation has grown up with a slightly different bias depending on the political environment of the time, though in whole, the ideological culture stayed relatively constant as there a palpable “extreme” did not really exist. For example, middle-aged Republican politicians like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker grew up with Reagan’s influence and live in his ideological spirit as they promote policy in this country.

But the later generations, “the Millennial generation,” for example, will be “coming of age” in a time of far less economic security, rising education costs, rising debt and a less stable government safety net. It is feared that this generation, having grown up in the world in which they did, coupled with their backgrounds, will not tend to be as provoked by “right-wing populism.” Furthermore, the new generation tends to be more “dovish” on foreign policy and are more “willing to challenge American sentiment on capitalism and class” for one reason or another.

The factors of economic hardship and little government protection during their intellectually formative years are arguably what have pushed the Millennial generation so far to the left. According to Beinart’s article, a Pew research poll found that two-thirds of Millenials favor a bigger government with more services over one with fewer services that costs less.

As the older generations begin to age and eventually die off, this could be what we are left with, as a true shift in political culture within a country comes about only over the course of many years. It will not be until America is ruined by left-wing government expansion and the rise of Socialism for people in the future to realize, “yeah, maybe history was right, that Socialism stuff really wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

In light of what these political analysts and journalists are saying about the rise of this new new left political culture, perhaps there will be a rise on the opposite side too. I’m not talking about the Tea Party movement, but rather, a movement that would champion Reagan’s ideals and once again restore the America that we all yearn for. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough government; it’s that the government is already trying to do too much, and that’s what’s not working.

Reagan must live on, people. Reagan must live on.

For the entirety of Peter Beinart’s article, click here.