In a move that can easily be described as historic, Iran has agreed to a preliminary nuclear deal that will keep their high risk nuclear activity at bay. The deal came in the middle of the night during talks in Geneva between the U.S, China, Russia, France, Germany, Britain and Iran. In short, Iran has agreed to six months of continued limits and sanctions on nuclear activity and to stop their high grade enrichment activity in exchange for $7 billion worth in sanctions relief. This huge step forward represents a new direction to a level of trust that can hopefully be established over time among all those involved.

Not everyone is happy however. To be expected, U.S ally Israel is extremely critical of the deal to the point where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a “historic mistake”. Time will only tell if the U.S can mend their strained ties to their “rock” in the Middle East.

This deal is only temporary and it will take a great deal more work to hash out an accord containing a long-term solution. For a day, however, the U.S and allies can pat themselves on the back before putting their noses back to the grindstone.

Do you think this is the right approach for the U.S when it comes to nuclear talks with Iran?