Remember that feud between Japan and China over a “rock outcrop” in the East China Sea? It’s still happening.

Vice President Biden is currently en route to Asia to try to calm the military tension, while also solidify America’s stance as an ally of Japan. The U.S has recently been upset by China’s deeming of the argued upon territory as an air defense zone. To stamp their disproval, the U.S sent two B-52 bombers over the area without notifying China last week. Both the U.S and Japan are sticking together and ordering all flights, commercial and not, to refrain from informing China before flying through the disputed territory even though China has ordered all to do so.

“It’s especially important … that we continue to amplify our messages that we are and always will be there for our allies, and that there is a way for two major powers in the U.S. and China to build a different kind of relationship for the 21st century,” a senior Obama administration official said.

And that’s the key. The U.S needs to stand strong with Japan, while also diffusing any sort of tension that may lead China to make rash and rapid decisions. Time to play mediator.

How do you think Biden and the U.S should handle these talks?