Remember Edward Snowden? The intelligence guy. The martyr esque man who blew the lid off the spying debate. Well, his investigation is still ongoing.

New suggestions have arose that the former NSA contractor who disclosed hundreds of thousands of classified government documents may have been operating with the assistance of the Russian Spy Service. Representative Mike Rogers and Senator Dianne Feinstein are the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and are currently leading the allegations. As the investigation continues a year after the leaks, no new specific evidence has been released that would bolster this conclusion, yet the questions continue to be raised.

Investigators point to Snowden’s easy escape from Hawaii and asylum in Moscow as reasons to believe that his entire operation was preplanned and backed by Russian intelligence. The questions remain as to how much information Snowden has given to Russia in exchange for temporary asylum from American prosecution.

With all of the NSA reform talk coming from the White House, this lingering allegation has lead to a revitalization of the Snowden case in the public eye. The fact remains that there still are some loose holes in the story that further investigation should help cover up.