Google has made huge strides towards reaching their goal of penetrating into customers’ homes with their recent purchase of the company Nest for $3.2 billion dollars. Nest is best known for their “smart” thermostat, which learns the preferences of its users.

This is one of a number of Google’s attempts to be a part of the “connected home”, including their own creation of an energy monitoring service. Google share’s a view with Apple, somewhat contrary to Microsoft, of creating “hardware and software solutions” rather than just being an online platform.

One of the controversies that can arrive from Google’s newest acquisition lies in their privacy battles. For a company that has been scrutinized for how it handles it’s customer’s data, acquiring a company that is constantly acquiring data on users is somewhat questionable.

Do you think Google will continue to make hardware acquisitions? Do you think that Google should be scrutinized for its controversy on privacy? How do you think this acquisition will play into Google’s future?