A recent investigation has unfolded many academic problems plaguing the University of North Carolina. Chancellor Carol Folt has come out with an apology on behalf of the university, admitting that UNC has been failing students “for years”.  This failure, which takes place two years after a fake-class scandal, again comes in the form of fake classes as well as grades administered to struggling students, namely athletes.

In the investigation, CNN found that there were student athletes enrolled at the university who read at the elementary school level.  Some students were able to pass classes merely by submitting a single paper.  This included classes that were fake, and not abiding by the expectations and regulations of university coursework.   A professor of UNC has even been indicted for receiving pay for a course he never even taught.

UNC has opened up an investigation looking specifically into student athletes’ performances and reading abilities.  This also includes an internal study that Executive Vice Chancellor and provost James Dean told Bloomberg Businessweek, has begun on the African-American studies at the university where fake classes took place.

Specifics on the number of students who were directly affected by this, both in being admitted to the university without meeting standards or passing courses, has not been revealed.  A similar investigation took place just a few years ago for the same types of problems.  After that initial investigation, UNC had told CNN that they made over 100 changes and felt confident this would not happen again.  It appears however, that this claim was incorrect.

“We made mistakes,” said Dean.  “Horrible things happened that I am ashamed of.  Student-athletes and students, too, were hurt.”

The NCCA investigated recently in the past, stating that the university had not broken any of its rules.  In light of these recent findings and the university’s own action, it is likely that the NCAA will return.