Baylor’s Sophomore Center Isaiah Austin had his dream of being a professional basketball player ripped away from him one fateful day in middle school.  While the rest of us were worried about our transition to the big bad world of high school, athletes like Austin were deciding what schools they wanted to play for and dreaming of getting their name called by David Stern at the NBA Draft one day.

That dream all came to an abrupt halt for Austin when he suffered a torn retina in his right eye.  This would be a pretty terrifying experience for any preteen, but for a young boy projected as the best future big man in his grade it was outright devastating.

This is easily where his story could have ended, but Austin would not let it.

He could’ve very easily said “woe is me” when he realized he’d be blind in one eye. Even in middle school Austin was receiving plenty of attention from top colleges, so he could’ve been seeing his collegiate dreams torn to shreds before he even hit high school.

Instead, the injury has only fueled his desire to become a star on the basketball court.  Never using it as an excuse to quit, Austin (playing with a prosthetic eye since the accident) worked hard throughout high school and has made himself into one of the best big men in college hoops.  

Isaiah is someone that we can look to for inspiration. He’s an individual that the whole nation can get behind and root for to have a successful future.

Last week, Austin opened up to ESPN and let the whole world in on the secret that he had kept hidden for so long.