The internet is brimming with a little something for everyone. It’s become a piece of technology that allows the billions of people around the world to connect despite the geographic distance between them. On social news website reddit, users can further connect on specific forums One such dark corner of reddit is called MorbidReality, where reddit users can submit photos and videos of truly disturbing content that warrants “Not Safe for Life” (NSFL) labels.


On this community-moderated forum, there are images ranging from Holocaust concentration camps to casualties of Afghan bombings. Interestingly enough, the intent of this site isn’t to sensationalize or feed fetishes for the vulgar or obscene; instead, it aims to bridge the disconnect between those who read about such horrific things but never truly get to understand the extent of that horror. For those of us living in the States, it’s hard to grasp the concept of war when we are desensitized to it. We have no idea what it is like to wake up and be entirely uncertain of our fate. MorbidReality users convey tragedies through images and discussion, and moderators of MorbidReality remove jokes and facetious comments to facilitate as much of a serious discussion on the forum as possible.¬†Some people may visit out of sheer curiosity while others visit the site to put their own lives into perspective. In any case, reddit users and contributors alike agree that such subreddits offer a safe community in which individuals can ask questions about the delicate fabric of life and the horrors that can come from humanity.