Although it is impossible to have a true reunion concert without John Lennon and George Harrison, The Beatles’ Paul McCartney and Ringo Star, with a little help from some friends, created a tribute concert last weekend to honor the people, movements, and sensations that surrounded 50 years of Beatlemania. Over 90 bands, performers, and celebrities joined together in New York City to celebrate and honor the 50th anniversary of the Beatles by performing a 4-day series of concerts at different historic venues in the city.  The radio has changed significantly since the old days when twist and shout dominated every station, but performers of every genre from R&B to jazz to hip hop were present and performing their own take on classic Beatles songs, paying tribute to a truly revolutionary band while also raising money for three different non-profits: Food Bank for NYC, Autism Think Tank, and the Children’s Music Fund.

Some of the notable covers included Katy Perry singing Yesterday, Imagine Dragons performing Revolution, and Alicia Keys with John Legend performing Let it Be. The two Beatles did not merely offer their presence at the event, but belted out a few of their old classics with youthful spirit and energy. Listening to the covers and performances by the legends themselves makes you realize how timeless and influential this band was and continues to be.