Residents gather at the site of a car bomb attack in Baghdad

The final U.S troops were withdrawn from Iraq in December of 2011. While history may define that day as the official end of the war in Iraq, others would argue that the war continues to rage on. While the troops may not be present, violence continues to make itself known as it has become increasingly commonplace to see news headlines announcing the deaths of citizens and insurgents. A few here, a few there; we seem to shrug it off. An ocean and the protection of an extremely secure American border leave us feeling removed from a situation that might as well be happening on Mars.

Using a visually stunning graphic, Jacopo Ottaviani of Foreign Policy puts the violence in Iraq into better perspective. Isolated incidents begin to quickly feel more like the violent epidemic that Iraq is currently involved in. The graphic was created using data from Iraq Body Count, a British NGO that runs an online database of civilian deaths. It is important to note that the data doesn’t include any insurgent or military deaths. Despite those omissions, there are still 35,000 incidents of civilian death or violence accounted for from 2003-2013. Hopefully, viewing it helps to remind us of how lucky we are to sleep soundly each night. If anything, it should at least remind us that the conflicts in Iraq are from over.