Lululemon has been in the news lately for some not-so positive events. Founder and CEO Chip Wilson was forced to step down after making some careless remarks about how not all body types are meant for Lulu’s yoga wear. These controversies have negatively impacted its sales, and the company’s stock price has dipped increasingly lower.

This week, Lululemon faces even more controversy for blacklisting individuals who were trying to resell Lulu wear on sites like eBay. Customers who were found to be reselling their Lululemon duds were personally contacted by the company and told that they were to take down Lulu items. If the rumors are true, Lululemon even went one step further and blocked the IP addresses of the computers used to resell Lulu clothes so that the individuals would be banned from shopping on the official online shop.

Customers have spoken out, disappointed that the company would attack their loyal customer base in such a victimizing manner. Lululemon has since apologized, but the damage has definitely been done and it looks as though Lululemon just dug itself into an even deeper hole.