Memories of the Cold War are bubbling back to the geopolitical surface and playing out before us in the Ukraine. When the Ukrainian story became headline news, Pop the Bubble was there to highlight the important news for its readers. But now, further developments have turned a lot of potential hypotheticals into very solid realities.

Recently, Russia sent a massive force of armed troops into Crimea, a historically contested region of the Ukraine that claims to be more Russian than Ukrainian. Then, in what some saw as a surprise move, the Crimeans voted on a referendum that would have them secede from the Ukraine and join Russia. Diplomatic efforts between Russia and the Ukraine have for all intensive purposes stopped, and the West is now eyeing potential trade sanctions against the parties involved after they declared the referendum to be completely illegitimate.

Needless to say, this story is a long way from over.

What role should the U.S play in this mess?