popping bubbles since 2012


Welcome to Pop The Bubble!

“The Bubble”: The state of mind we find ourselves in when we only think of our world in terms of what is happening in our immediate proximity, instead of taking into account all that is happening across the globe.

Our Mission Statement: 

It is the goal of “Pop the Bubble” to inform our audience of important issues happening throughout the world and to prove that these issues, while they may not directly affect you or be seen by you, have an important relevance to our everyday lives. We believe that being aware and educated about what is happening outside of campus makes us better people. It more readily equips us for social and professional situations, makes us better critical thinkers, and gives us a better sense of the world in which we will interact with for the rest of their lives.

It is our goal to offer a supplemental education to the one that takes place in the classroom. The concepts and ideas that are taught through lecture and book mean nothing if they cannot be applied to real life situations. We plan on mending the gap between learning and real life application. We will be presenting our information and content in a way that appeals to the new generation. The language of our blog will be more informal than the stories we talk about, such that the integrity of our posts remains yet our audience will remain entertained and interested in the content.  We will be engaging, we will be informative, but we will also be brief. By creating conversation and debate through a social media and physical campus presence, “Pop the Bubble” hopes to spur communal debates and conversations that help people grow as a society and as individuals.

You can also find us on a variety of other social media platforms:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PopTheBubble

Twitter: http://twitter.com/pop_the_bubble

So take a look around and more importantly speak up! We want your opinion to be heard…


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