popping bubbles since 2012

Meet the Team

Kevin Giannattasio, Co-founder and President

Economics major, a firm believer of knowledge for knowledge sake and that basketball can solve the world’s problems.

Matt McCarthy, Co-founder and President

Political Science and Economics major interested in politics and law who believes we can all grow with a little worldly perspective in our lives.

Aansh Mehta, Vice President

Economics and Political Science major just trying to rid the world of opacity. “It is ideas, not vested interests, which are dangerous for good or evil” – John Maynard Keynes

Minn Kim, Editor-in-Chief

Economics and Psychology major with endless ambitions who firmly believes that travel and laughter are life’s panacea.

Andrew Catania, Treasurer, Editor

Abby Brooks, Secretary

English Major, devoted to perfecting society’s grammar, football and panda enthusiast.

Noelle Mapes, Editor

College junior who experienced an international awareness soaked semester in Ecuador.

Sam Ellison, Editor

Political Science and Communication major who believes that with awareness, all is possible.

Danielle McMonagle, Editor

A Communications major with a passion for film and a soul older than your grandmother.

John Veise, Editor

Senior Finance Major, Business Law and International Business Minors. “Voltaire, hair. Personally, I’d like to learn about Voltaire.”- Lily

Katharine Macomber, Editor

Senior Economics major and Political Science minor. Reagan is immortal.

John SzotEditor


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